Are Our Children Victims?

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As I mentioned in my last post, my son was introduced to pornography by his older brother. His other brother, while advising them it was a bad idea, did nothing to prevent the initial incident from occurring.

Our home is a Christian home. We try to adhere to Christian principles. We teach our children right and wrong behavior. We openly tell them not to look at inappropriate photos or videos online. When I found out one of our older son’s peers had been caught sexting, I flipped out. Continue reading “Are Our Children Victims?”

11 Things To Do When You Discover Your Child is Watching Pornography

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The purpose of this site is to encourage parents of teenagers/children who watch or have watched pornography. It’s meant to be a safe place to share our emotions and concerns, not necessarily a place to give specific instruction on what to do. I am not an expert on the ins and outs of the pornography industry and how people become addicted to it. However, after walking through it with my son I would like to offer a list of 11 action steps in the hopes I can calm some fears. Sometimes, in the midst of a traumatic experience, it’s helpful to do something.   Continue reading “11 Things To Do When You Discover Your Child is Watching Pornography”